Project #1: Hiking the “Grand Slam”

So, in my first week of setting up my blog, my first post now has 2 likes! I have to admit, it sorta took me by surprise. Who are these awesome gals who liked my post? How did they find it? I’m at a loss. But I’m grateful! So…now that I know someone out there might actually see what I’m doing here, I’m totally encouraged to post again.

The day after I set up my blog revolving around mother nature, I happened across an article in the Idaho Statesman about Boise’s hiking “grand slam”. Bam! A challenge and (perhaps) some interesting content to blog about! As a fairly well-versed Boise area hiker, I had never heard of “The Grand Slam”. Inset humility check here.

The Grand Slam sounds like the Olympics of Boise hikes, and, being a teacher, it is now my goal to complete it this summer. I’ll keep you posted but I hope to start carrying the “Grand Slam” torch come June. You can read about “The Grand Slam” here! Happy trails!


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